Let’s have a team-YOU huddle:

  • Do you have a clear digital marketing strategy in place to grow your thought leadership? Are you using a content calendar to schedule out the awesomeness that is you and the ways in which you are serving others?


  • Are you experiencing an amazing flow of potential clients, referrals and collaboration opportunities? However, it’s more than just putting stuff out, it’s about putting the right things out on the ideal platforms for your seeker to soak it all up.


  • Are you in an awesome abundance of content for your social media presence, blogs and video marketing? Maybe you even have an offering of new digital programs and products. Or, maybe you are feeling the overwhelm, stress and uncertainty on the business side of the entrepreneurship hustle. Many of us who serve as coaches see ourselves as a coach first, business person or marketer second. I learned that, too.


  • Are you working through your own limiting beliefs of how you are showing up and serving up in your divine purpose? Sometimes it’s not even about the content creation but rather some of the blocks that are challenging our ability to get ourselves out there and relate to our seeker.


I get you. I understand where you are and while it’s a bit overwhelming for you, it’s also a freaking exciting opportunity for you to evolve in to the next best version of digital yourself.


I frequently hear some of the struggle and overwhelm from other coaches. All you want is to serve and be authentic in your calling. You are on a mission. And, that mission didn’t mention marketing at the beginning… heh.


I know what you’re experiencing, wanting to be who you are and serve the way you do. Plus, trying to figure out how to weave impact and income in to your coaching business. Your coaching business is truly your PERSONAL BRAND. You are the face of the coaching you offer and are challenged with how that can translate into a digital presence that creates visibility and nurtures community.


I’ve had over a decade of education in, experience on and experimenting with various tools and strategies to support others in their digital presence, community engagement, digital project management and high-level reporting insights and then some…


I’ve worked with solopreneurs, small businesses and multi-million dollar clients doing just that. Wherever it is you currently are, I recognize the level of tailored support you are in need of.


You want to continue serving your seeker and grow your personal brand, but you need some support and guidance along the way. You are a motivational-mover and soulful-shaker, a self-starter serving through your natural gifts and intuition. After all, how else would you have had the adventures you’ve had, shaping the servant leadership you so authentically pour from?


I would say to close your eyes, but keep them open (since you are in fact reading this…) and visualize how it will feel to have the support, peace-of-mind and confidence in having someone partner with you towards your digital thought leadership.


During the next 90 days we can partner towards your purposeful, personal brand; so that you can show up and serve up more even more.


When we work together, our time will be completely customized to what you need the most for brand momentum. We’ll mastermind a strategy for your highest priority initiative in your coaching business.


Not only will you establish or up-level your digital marketing, but you will take empowered action towards your thought leadership goals.


We’ll work together to establish a consistent thought leadership for you throughout your social media presence via: attract >> engage >> nurture >> invite & delight.


This is an exclusive offering as I only work with two clients every three months with this coaching package.


The investment towards your personal brand momentum is $2,500 a month (that’s $7,500 for the 90-day intensive).

A payment plan is available.


You’ll get:

  • Personal brand deep-dive strategy intensive. A 90-minute intensive mastermind session to elevate your marketing from where it is currently and strategize where you’d like it to expand to in the next 3-9 months.
  • 6 (90 minute) Private, One-on-one coaching and strategy support sessions. We’ll have biweekly 90-minute sessions to support you in each step of the way.
  • A phased-in brand momentum plan
  • Thought leadership review & optimization 
  • Open to what is the “next best thing” you need, plus a few lessons + focused assignments
  • Monthly digital presence assessment and reporting
  • Access to me for support via Voxer
  • Weekly email empowerment: A little note from me to touch base.
  • Professional content critiques. We’ll review some of your marketing content together.
  • PLUS, a few bonuses:
    • Social media platform settings audit
    • Digital platform presence recommendations
    • Two (2) Back-pocket Brainstorm Coaching Sessions: Think of this as reserve. If you are needing some creative coaching or needing to talk anything out, this is breakdown to breakthrough when you need it!


As we work together and craft your thought leadership, you’ll have:

  • An optimized digital presence
  • Personal brand momentum
  • Brand confidence
  • High-level insights on your social media activity and engagement
  • Peace-of-mind knowing you are relevant and resonating with your ideal seeker.
  • Growing connections throughout your social media presence.
  • Direct access to me for support


During the initial session, we will go over topics such as…

  • Your personal brand story
  • Why you started coaching
  • Your ideal seeker
  • Current service and program offering
  • Your thought leadership vision
  • Your current digital marketing challenges
  • Your top goals for the next 90 days


Over $13,338 in value. $2,500 monthly investment ($7,500 total 90-day investment).

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This exclusive coaching program is ideal for established coaches with limited time to create their own content and promote it throughout their digital presence. They want to up-level their personal brand and grow their thought leadership, while optimizing opportunities to be invited to speak, author and collaborate with industry influencers.


I’ve crafted this one-on-one coaching program for coaches who, similarly to me are:

  • Purposeful entrepreneurs ready to serve more people through their coaching business
  • Action-taking, difference-making, independent, do-it-yourself solo-preneurs who want to optimize their marketing plan to gain visibility and connect with their seeker
  • Good teachers because they are great students. They are ready to roll up their sleeves, up-level their marketing skills, and implement with impact (AKA you’re totally ready to go all in to strategize, optimize & systematize all things digital to get it in a state of consistent, creative and full-out flow).


Are you ready for a more purposeful, personal brand?

Then fill out your program application now. Once you submit your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email that we’ve received it. If you do not receive an email, please let me know Caz@SelfCraftedMedia.com


I look forward to reviewing your application and to work together.


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With gratefulness and excitement,

Caz Gaddis