So, you want to change to world and positively impact a whole bunch of awesome people. Yes?

(Side note: I think that’s freaking fantastic and I’m totally on that train with you. I serve and support people that want to change the world, too! Sounds like a potential match, huh?!)

You are having a challenge getting the word out on who you are, what you do and connecting to your seeker (sharing with potential clients why you serve how you do and their opportunity to partner with you.)

You are also not able to give too much of your resources (including time at the moment) to content ideation, creation or scheduling all of it. But, you know that visibility is mega important and something has gotta give…

I was totally there myself! And, I get the resource distribution challenges when your time and money are being invested in other areas of your coaching business.

I do know the power of visibility. I’ve had over a decade of education in, experience on and experimentation with various tools and strategies to do just that.

And, sometimes building a brand seems like it takes a lifetime. You really just want to get some basic exposure out for who you are, what you are doing to serve and impact others. It’s always a challenge to get things like this up for yourself because, well, you are in “the frame” and can’t always see the full picture.

You want to log in to your social platforms and see notifications from clients and new prospects. Imagine all the engagement and activity you would receive from consistent visibility and content creation.

Your established social presence is focused and when people interact with you online, they get a clear picture of your personal brand and the value you can hold for them.

If you want to establish your digital presence, grow your thought leadership and minimize the learning curve, I am excited to share a way that I can support you.

I’m offering a Done4You: MeetEdgar Content Strategy + Set Up service. What this does is shave of dozens of hours of your time so that you can focus on other areas of your coaching business.

We’ll work together during a deep-dive session to explore your personal brand and coaching initiatives. I will craft a thought leadership content strategy and automation schedule that will build your personal brand via: attract >> engage >> nurture >> invite & delight.

By the time we are done, I will have established the frameworks for a consistent digital presence for you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I work with one to two coaches a month on this service. The strategy on-ramp is $500 and $997 for content creation, $1,497 total. A payment plan is available.

You’ll get:

  • A 90-minute deep-dive strategy session with me for content ideation and brand messaging.
  • Content calendar reviewed by you and then posted for you, by yours truly.
  • Up to 20 simple post images.
  • A schedule that is created around your lifestyle, coaching business and best posting times for your audience.
  • Plus a few juicy bonuses:
    • Social media platform settings audit
    • Digital presence recommendations
    • MeetEdgar video tutorial (you will gain working knowledge of the software for future content needs)
    • 31-day and 90-day reports on your social engagement

Once we work together and ideate this visibility plan o’ awesomeness, you will leave with:

  • A MeetEdgar content strategy
  • Personalized schedule
  • Content set up
  • Growing connections on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook.
  • A clear understand on how to post with purpose and intention (Something you can carry on in all future content creation 0.
  • Working knowledge on how to navigate through MeetEdgar and add future content.
  • Optimized digital presence.
  • Audited social settings.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing you are relevant and resonating with your ideal seeker. (Yay for staying top-of-mind!)

During the initial session, we will go over topics such as…

  • Your personal brand story
  • Why you started coaching
  • Your ideal seeker
  • Current service and program offering
  • Any upcoming specials you want to share
  • Your thought leadership vision

$3,724 value. $1,497 investment.

Apply for a complimentary consultation >> HERE <<

This Done-For-You service is ideal for a coach on a budget that wants to establish a consistent and purposeful, personal brand. It’s also for coaches who already have a digital presence but want to up-level their content and posting consistency.

Either way, you’re a coach who understands the importance of building an online presence and the value of crafting a strong brand.

Are you ready for a more purposeful, personal brand?

Then fill out your program application now. Once you submit your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email that we’ve received it. If you do not receive an email, please let me know

I look forward to reviewing your application and to work together.

With gratefulness and excitement,

Caz Gaddis